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Package SCons

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The main package for the SCons software construction utility.

Version: 1.2.0

Date: 2008/12/20 22:59:52

Submodules [hide private]
  • SCons.Action: SCons.Action This encapsulates information about executing any sort of action that can build one or more target Nodes (typically files) from one or more source Nodes (also typically files) given a specific Environment.
  • SCons.Builder: SCons.Builder Builder object subsystem.
  • SCons.CacheDir: CacheDir support
  • SCons.Conftest: SCons.Conftest Autoconf-like configuration support; low level implementation of tests.
  • SCons.Debug: SCons.Debug Code for debugging SCons internal things.
  • SCons.Defaults: SCons.Defaults Builders and other things for the local site.
  • SCons.Environment: SCons.Environment Base class for construction Environments.
  • SCons.Errors: SCons.Errors This file contains the exception classes used to handle internal and user errors in SCons.
  • SCons.Executor: SCons.Executor A module for executing actions with specific lists of target and source Nodes.
  • SCons.Job: SCons.Job This module defines the Serial and Parallel classes that execute tasks to complete a build.
  • SCons.Memoize: Memoizer A metaclass implementation to count hits and misses of the computed values that various methods cache in memory.
  • SCons.Node: SCons.Node The Node package for the SCons software construction utility.
  • SCons.PathList: SCons.PathList A module for handling lists of directory paths (the sort of things that get set as CPPPATH, LIBPATH, etc.) with as much caching of data and efficiency as we can while still keeping the evaluation delayed so that we Do the Right Thing (almost) regardless of how the variable is specified.
  • SCons.SConf: SCons.SConf Autoconf-like configuration support.
  • SCons.SConsign: SCons.SConsign Writing and reading information to the .sconsign file or files.
  • SCons.Scanner: SCons.Scanner The Scanner package for the SCons software construction utility.
  • SCons.Script: SCons.Script This file implements the main() function used by the scons script.
  • SCons.Sig: Place-holder for the old SCons.Sig module hierarchy This is no longer used, but code out there (such as the NSIS module on the SCons wiki) may try to import SCons.Sig.
  • SCons.Subst: SCons.Subst SCons string substitution.
  • SCons.Taskmaster: Generic Taskmaster module for the SCons build engine.
  • SCons.Util: SCons.Util Various utility functions go here.
  • SCons.Variables: engine.SCons.Variables This file defines the Variables class that is used to add user-friendly customizable variables to an SCons build.
  • SCons.Warnings: SCons.Warnings This file implements the warnings framework for SCons.
  • SCons.compat: SCons compatibility package for old Python versions This subpackage holds modules that provide backwards-compatible implementations of various things that we'd like to use in SCons but which only show up in later versions of Python than the early, old version(s) we still support.
  • SCons.cpp: SCons C Pre-Processor module
  • SCons.dblite
  • SCons.exitfuncs: SCons.exitfuncs Register functions which are executed when SCons exits for any reason.

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  __build__ = 'r3842'
  __buildsys__ = 'scons-dev'
  __developer__ = 'scons'
  __revision__ = 'src/engine/SCons/ 3842 2008/12/20 2...
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