This page contains links to general SCons documentation, and to documentation (man page and User's Guide) for the current stable release of SCons: 4.7.0. Man pages and User's Guides for other releases of SCons are available at the Version Specific SCons Documentation page.

SCons 4.7.0 man page

The man page for the current stable release of SCons. We're meticulous about updating the man page whenever new functionality is added or something changes, so this covers everything that the current version of SCons can do (modulo oversights).

SCons 4.7.0 User Guide

The User's Guide for the current stable release of SCons. This is a more task-oriented introduction, but should be read with the man page at hand, as it does not cover everything. This remains a work in progress, please help improve this document by letting the SCons maintainers know about anything you find that's incorrect, or about missing pieces in which you're especially interested (or to which you can contribute yourself).

SCons 4.7.0 API

Documentation for the internal API of the latest release of SCons, generated by sphinx from the SCons source code and doc strings. WARNING: we really mean internal: there's lots here that is only intended for SCons to use itself, and should not be picked up by SConscript files - and if it is, it is not guaranteed not to change across versions. The source code markup is not annotated in a way as to distringuish public from non-public API. Use the man page as the reference to the public SCons API.

SCons Design

The ongoing SCons design document, based largely on the ScCons design from the second round of the Software Carpentry contest. This is quite out of date at the moment, and needs to be updated, nearly two decades of development have happened since then.

SCons Design and Implementation

The paper about SCons presented at the Python 10 conference in February 2002, a nominee for the best paper award at the conference.