Thank you for taking the time to read about SCons. SCons is a modern software construction tool - a software utility for building software (or other files) and keeping built software up-to-date whenever the underlying input files change.

The most distinctive thing about SCons is that its configuration files are actually scripts, written in the Python programming language. This is in contrast to most alternative build tools, which typically invent a new language to configure the build. SCons still has a learning curve, of course, because you have to know what functions to call to set up your build properly, but the underlying syntax used should be familiar to anyone who has ever looked at a Python script.

Paradoxically, using Python as the configuration file format makes SCons easier for non-programmers to learn than the cryptic languages of other build tools, which are usually invented by programmers for other programmers. This is in no small part due to the consistency and readability that are hallmarks of Python. It just so happens that making a real, live scripting language the basis for the configuration files makes it a snap for more accomplished programmers to do more complicated things with builds, as necessary.

1. SCons Principles

There are a few overriding principles the SCons team tries to follow in the design and implementation.


First and foremost, by default, SCons guarantees a correct build even if it means sacrificing performance a little. We strive to guarantee the build is correct regardless of how the software being built is structured, how it may have been written, or how unusual the tools are that build it.


Given that the build is correct, we try to make SCons build software as quickly as possible. In particular, wherever we may have needed to slow down the default SCons behavior to guarantee a correct build, we also try to make it easy to speed up SCons through optimization options that let you trade off guaranteed correctness in all end cases for a speedier build in the usual cases.


SCons tries to do as much for you out of the box as reasonable, including detecting the right tools on your system and using them correctly to build the software.

In a nutshell, we try hard to make SCons just "do the right thing" and build software correctly, with a minimum of hassles.