5.6. Sharing construction environments

SCons will allow users to share construction environments, as well as other SCons objects and Python variables, by importing them from a central, shared repository using normal Python syntax:

	from LocalEnvironments import optimized, debug

	optimized.Make('foo', 'foo.c')
	debug.Make('foo-d', 'foo.c')

The expectation is that some local tool-master, integrator or administrator will be responsible for assembling environments (creating the Builder objects that specify the tools, options, etc.) and make these available for sharing by all users.

The modules containing shared construction environments (LocalEnvironments in the above example) can be checked in and controlled with the rest of the source files. This allows a project to track the combinations of tools and command-line options that work on different platforms, at different times, and with different tool versions, by using already-familiar revision control tools.