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Module SConscript'

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This module defines the Python API provided to SConscript and SConstruct files.

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A frame on the SConstruct/SConscript call stack
An Environment subclass that contains all of the methods that are particular to the wrapper SCons interface and which aren't (or shouldn't be) part of the build engine itself.
A class that implements "global function" calls of Environment methods by fetching the specified method from the DefaultEnvironment's class. Note that this uses an intermediate proxy class instead of calling the DefaultEnvironment method directly so that the proxy can override the subst() method and thereby prevent expansion of construction variables (since from the user's point of view this was called as a global function, with no associated construction environment).
Functions [hide private]
Return the locals and globals for the function that called into this module in the current call stack.
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Compute a dictionary of exports given one of the parameters to the Export() function or the exports argument to SConscript().
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Return(*vars, **kw) source code
_SConscript(fs, *files, **kw) source code
Print an exception stack trace just for the SConscript file(s). This will show users who have Python errors where the problem is, without cluttering the output with all of the internal calls leading up to where we exec the SConscript.
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Annotate a node with the stack frame describing the SConscript file and line number that created it.
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Configure(*args, **kw) source code
get_DefaultEnvironmentProxy() source code
Create a dictionary containing all the default globals for SConstruct and SConscript files.
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Variables [hide private]
  __revision__ = 'src/engine/SCons/Script/ 2013/03...
  launch_dir = '/home/garyo/src/scons'
  GlobalDict = None
  global_exports = {}
  sconscript_chdir = 1
  call_stack = []
  stack_bottom = '% Stack boTTom %'
  _DefaultEnvironmentProxy = None
  __package__ = 'SCons.Script'
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'src/engine/SCons/Script/  2013/03/03 09:48:35 garyo'