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Class Parallel

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This class is used to execute tasks in parallel, and is somewhat less efficient than Serial, but is appropriate for parallel builds.

This class is thread safe.

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__init__(self, taskmaster, num, stack_size)
Create a new parallel job given a taskmaster.
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Start the job. This will begin pulling tasks from the taskmaster and executing them, and return when there are no more tasks. If a task fails to execute (i.e. execute() raises an exception), then the job will stop.
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__init__(self, taskmaster, num, stack_size)

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Create a new parallel job given a taskmaster.

The taskmaster's next_task() method should return the next task that needs to be executed, or None if there are no more tasks. The taskmaster's executed() method will be called for each task when it is successfully executed or failed() will be called if the task failed to execute (i.e. execute() raised an exception).

Note: calls to taskmaster are serialized, but calls to execute() on distinct tasks are not serialized, because that is the whole point of parallel jobs: they can execute multiple tasks simultaneously.

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