SCons :: Action :: ActionBase :: Class ActionBase
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Class ActionBase

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Known Subclasses:

Base class for all types of action objects that can be held by other objects (Builders, Executors, etc.) This provides the common methods for manipulating and combining those actions.
Instance Methods [hide private]
__cmp__(self, other) source code
no_batch_key(self, env, target, source) source code
batch_key(self, env, target, source) source code
genstring(self, target, source, env) source code
get_contents(self, target, source, env) source code
__add__(self, other) source code
__radd__(self, other) source code
presub_lines(self, env) source code
get_varlist(self, target, source, env, executor=None) source code
get_targets(self, env, executor)
Returns the type of targets ($TARGETS, $CHANGED_TARGETS) used by this action.
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