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Class OverrideWarner

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UserDict.UserDict --+

A class for warning about keyword arguments that we use as overrides in a Builder call.

This class exists to handle the fact that a single Builder call can actually invoke multiple builders. This class only emits the warnings once, no matter how many Builders are invoked.

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__init__(self, dict) source code
warn(self) source code

Inherited from UserDict.UserDict: __cmp__, __contains__, __delitem__, __getitem__, __len__, __repr__, __setitem__, clear, copy, get, has_key, items, iteritems, iterkeys, itervalues, keys, pop, popitem, setdefault, update, values

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Inherited from UserDict.UserDict: fromkeys

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__init__(self, dict)

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Overrides: UserDict.UserDict.__init__