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Class SConsEnvironment

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                         object --+        
Environment.SubstitutionEnvironment --+    
                       Environment.Base --+

An Environment subclass that contains all of the methods that are particular to the wrapper SCons interface and which aren't (or shouldn't be) part of the build engine itself.

Note that not all of the methods of this class have corresponding global functions, there are some private methods.

Instance Methods [hide private]
_exceeds_version(self, major, minor, v_major, v_minor)
Return 1 if 'major' and 'minor' are greater than the version in 'v_major' and 'v_minor', and 0 otherwise.
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_get_major_minor_revision(self, version_string)
Split a version string into major, minor and (optionally) revision parts.
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_get_SConscript_filenames(self, ls, kw)
Convert the parameters passed to SConscript() calls into a list of files and export variables.
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Configure(self, *args, **kw) source code
Default(self, *targets) source code
EnsureSConsVersion(self, major, minor, revision=0)
Exit abnormally if the SCons version is not late enough.
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EnsurePythonVersion(self, major, minor)
Exit abnormally if the Python version is not late enough.
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Exit(self, value=0) source code
Export(self, *vars, **kw) source code
GetLaunchDir(self) source code
GetOption(self, name) source code
Help(self, text) source code
Import(self, *vars) source code
SConscript(self, *ls, **kw) source code
SConscriptChdir(self, flag) source code
SetOption(self, name, value) source code

Inherited from Environment.Base: Action, AddPostAction, AddPreAction, Alias, AlwaysBuild, Append, AppendENVPath, AppendUnique, BuildDir, Builder, CacheDir, Clean, Clone, Command, Copy, Decider, Depends, Detect, Dictionary, Dir, Dump, Entry, Environment, Execute, File, FindFile, FindInstalledFiles, FindIxes, FindSourceFiles, Flatten, GetBuildPath, Glob, Ignore, Literal, Local, NoCache, NoClean, ParseConfig, ParseDepends, Platform, Precious, Prepend, PrependENVPath, PrependUnique, Replace, ReplaceIxes, Repository, Requires, SConsignFile, Scanner, SetDefault, SideEffect, SourceCode, SourceSignatures, Split, TargetSignatures, Tool, Value, VariantDir, WhereIs, __init__, get_CacheDir, get_builder, get_factory, get_scanner, get_src_sig_type, get_tgt_sig_type, scanner_map_delete

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Method Details [hide private]

_get_major_minor_revision(self, version_string)

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Split a version string into major, minor and (optionally) revision parts.

This is complicated by the fact that a version string can be something like 3.2b1.

_get_SConscript_filenames(self, ls, kw)

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Convert the parameters passed to SConscript() calls into a list of files and export variables. If the parameters are invalid, throws SCons.Errors.UserError. Returns a tuple (l, e) where l is a list of SConscript filenames and e is a list of exports.

Configure(self, *args, **kw)

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Overrides: Environment.Base.Configure