SCons :: cpp :: DumbPreProcessor :: Class DumbPreProcessor
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Class DumbPreProcessor

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PreProcessor --+

A preprocessor that ignores all #if/#elif/#else/#endif directives and just reports back all of the #include files (like the classic SCons scanner did).

This is functionally equivalent to using a regular expression to find all of the #include lines, only slower. It exists mainly as an example of how the main PreProcessor class can be sub-classed to tailor its behavior.

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__init__(self, *args, **kw) source code

Inherited from PreProcessor: __call__, all_include, do_define, do_elif, do_else, do_endif, do_if, do_ifdef, do_ifndef, do_import, do_include, do_include_next, do_nothing, do_undef, eval_expression, finalize_result, find_include_file, initialize_result, process_contents, read_file, resolve_include, restore, save, scons_current_file, start_handling_includes, stop_handling_includes, tupleize

Inherited from PreProcessor (private): _do_if_else_condition

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__init__(self, *args, **kw)

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Overrides: PreProcessor.__init__