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Class shlex

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A lexical analyzer class for simple shell-like syntaxes.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, instream=False, infile=False, posix=False) source code
push_token(self, tok)
Push a token onto the stack popped by the get_token method
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push_source(self, newstream, newfile=False)
Push an input source onto the lexer's input source stack.
source code
Pop the input source stack.
source code
Get a token from the input stream (or from stack if it's nonempty)
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read_token(self) source code
sourcehook(self, newfile)
Hook called on a filename to be sourced.
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error_leader(self, infile=False, lineno=False)
Emit a C-compiler-like, Emacs-friendly error-message leader.
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__iter__(self) source code
next(self) source code