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Class Classic

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Base --+    
 Current --+
Known Subclasses:
ClassicCPP, D.D, Fortran.F90Scanner

A Scanner subclass to contain the common logic for classic CPP-style
include scanning, but which can be customized to use different
regular expressions to find the includes.

Note that in order for this to work "out of the box" (without
overriding the find_include() and sort_key() methods), the regular
expression passed to the constructor must return the name of the
include file in group 0.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, name, suffixes, path_variable, regex, *args, **kw) source code
find_include(self, include, source_dir, path) source code
find_include_names(self, node) source code
scan(self, node, path=()) source code
sort_key(self, include) source code

Inherited from Base: __call__, __cmp__, __hash__, __str__, add_scanner, add_skey, get_skeys, path, recurse_nodes, select

Inherited from Base (private): _recurse_all_nodes, _recurse_no_nodes

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, name, suffixes, path_variable, regex, *args, **kw)

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Overrides: Current.__init__