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Class CheckContext

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Provides a context for configure tests. Defines how a test writes to the
screen and log file.

A typical test is just a callable with an instance of CheckContext as
first argument:

def CheckCustom(context, ...)
context.Message('Checking my weird test ... ')
ret = myWeirdTestFunction(...)

Often, myWeirdTestFunction will be one of
context.TryCompile/context.TryLink/context.TryRun. The results of
those are cached, for they are only rebuild, if the dependencies have

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, sconf)
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Message(self, text)
Inform about what we are doing right now, e.g.
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Result(self, res)
Inform about the result of the test.
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TryBuild(self, *args, **kw) source code
TryAction(self, *args, **kw) source code
TryCompile(self, *args, **kw) source code
TryLink(self, *args, **kw) source code
TryRun(self, *args, **kw) source code
__getattr__(self, attr) source code
BuildProg(self, text, ext) source code
CompileProg(self, text, ext) source code
CompileSharedObject(self, text, ext) source code
RunProg(self, text, ext) source code
AppendLIBS(self, lib_name_list) source code
PrependLIBS(self, lib_name_list) source code
SetLIBS(self, val) source code
Display(self, msg) source code
Log(self, msg) source code
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, sconf)

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Constructor. Pass the corresponding SConf instance.

Message(self, text)

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Inform about what we are doing right now, e.g.
'Checking for SOMETHING ... '

Result(self, res)

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Inform about the result of the test. res may be an integer or a
string. In case of an integer, the written text will be 'yes' or 'no'.
The result is only displayed when self.did_show_result is not set.