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Package Node

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The Node package for the SCons software construction utility.

This is, in many ways, the heart of SCons.

A Node is where we encapsulate all of the dependency information about
any thing that SCons can build, or about any thing which SCons can use
to build some other thing.  The canonical "thing," of course, is a file,
but a Node can also represent something remote (like a web page) or
something completely abstract (like an Alias).

Each specific type of "thing" is specifically represented by a subclass
of the Node base class:  Node.FS.File for files, Node.Alias for aliases,
etc.  Dependency information is kept here in the base class, and
information specific to files/aliases/etc. is in the subclass.  The
goal, if we've done this correctly, is that any type of "thing" should
be able to depend on any other type of "thing."

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The generic base class for signature information for a Node.
The generic base class for build information for a Node.
The base Node class, for entities that we know how to build, or use to build other Nodes.
An iterator for walking a Node tree.
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classname(obj) source code
Annotate(node) source code
get_children(node, parent) source code
ignore_cycle(node, stack) source code
do_nothing(node, parent) source code
Variables [hide private]
  __revision__ = 'src/engine/SCons/Node/ 4720 2010/03...
  no_state = 0
  pending = False
  executing = 2
  up_to_date = 3
  executed = 4
  failed = 5
  StateString = {0: 'no_state', 1: 'pending', 2: 'executing', 3:...
  implicit_cache = 0
  implicit_deps_unchanged = 0
  implicit_deps_changed = 0
  arg2nodes_lookups = [<bound method AliasNameSpace.lookup of {}>]
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'src/engine/SCons/Node/ 4720 2010/03/24 03:14:11 jars'


{0: 'no_state',
 1: 'pending',
 2: 'executing',
 3: 'up_to_date',
 4: 'executed',
 5: 'failed'}