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Java-Build-Run, classpath made by recursively walking through the directories.

The code compiles and runs java files.

The project attached consists of a few directories, src, bin, lib, tools. Three main-code files, SConstruct,, The functionality of the three files is explained below.

$ python tools/scons/scons-local-0.98.4/ buildresource=src/somecompany/

this will build the and put the resulting class file in bin/com/somecompany/HiSCons.class.

The classpath consists of all the files in dirs/subdirs of lib, and files in src.

Whole src directory is build, if you don't specify buildresource parameter or buildresource=src.

$ python [--javaargs] src/com/somecompany/

If the class file needs input parameters to run, you can specify --javaargs, and it will prompt you for parameters.

The code is self explanatory, and comments are added as and when needed. It's been tested, on ubuntu, should work well on windows, except that at some points the path separator is of posix systems, e.g. src/com/somecompany/ instead of src\com\somecompany\

-- Regards, Babar Abbas,

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