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This page is for bugs and enhancement requests for this wiki installation. Feel free to add your wishes and comments.

Why Upgrade?

Missing Features

  • different favicon.png
  • install mod_wsgi to run as WSGi application (faster)

Moin info

Greg Noel thinks that the current Moin wiki version (and a link to the MoinMoin site) should be on the front page (in addition to the change log below). Something like "Powered by MoinMoin x.y.z" or similar. This uses the MoinMoin "about" page, which has a lot of information, but no link to the primary location; maybe there's a better one?

  • I've patched (there are two of them, BTW) to include version number in the footer along with "Powered by MoinMoin", but the changes didn't come into effect, and I do not know how to restart server. Seems like there is no macro to insert version number either. Are you sure the ChangeLog will be interesting on the FrontPage? -- techtonik 2010-02-17 08:09:57

    Badly worded. "Powered by MoinMoin x.y.z" should be on the front page (not all pages, as it would be in the common footer). The current version and a link to the MoinMoin site should be in the change log below. Maybe the latter link leads to the page with information about which is the current version (I used the download page, although there might be some other page that provides a better survey, possibly with recommendations as to whether an update is advisable). -- GregNoel 2010-02-19 23:07:35

Tools and Builders disambiguation

Wiki lacks Builder and Tool pages with definition of these basic concepts. This should be done to help people put their Contributions into either ContributedBuilders, SconsToolbox or ToolsIndex. Even though SconsToolbox contains a note "Don't put Builders and Tools here.", there is still a lot of *Tool pages there. It should be renamed then. -- techtonik 2011-02-05 10:02:27


  • SconsQuickReference linked from the front page doesn't work as a reference - it is just a wiki search that is confusing

  • The SyntaxReference page for editing Wiki pages in German does not exist (would be SyntaxReferenz). Is this a configuration/install problem, or do the users really have to roll their own page for each language?


  • Tweak irc log formatter to provide links to bug reports

Current modifications to original installation

List of local extensions can be found on SystemInfo page.

Wiki ChangeLog

Local additions to MoinMoin:

  • SCons bugs can now be linked directly from this wiki using a macro provided by GregNoel. Use <<Bug(1650)>> which ends up looking like Bug#1650; it links directly to the bug page at Lowercase works too: <<bug(1650)>> produces Bug#1650. 30-May-07 -- GaryOberbrunner

  • Developers should be aware of the BugScheduleMacro. -- GregNoel 2008-04-11

  • Wiki paths now can be (don't have to use the long /cgi-sys/cgiwrap/scons/moin.cgi path). Please report bugs to me. -- GaryOberbrunner

  • Meaningful paragraph anchors instead of #head-cf83e04bcad3c245dfcd219b1dd87e0de8c70814

Updates to installed version (newest version here):

  • Updated to 1.9.5, 20-nov-12 -- techtonik
    • enabled OpenID support
    • installed all essential_* underlay pages from LanguageSetup

  • Updated to 1.8.9, 19-nov-12 -- techtonik
    • changed default theme to modernized (check your profile to switch to <Default>)

  • Updated to 1.8.8, 18-feb-11 -- techtonik
  • Updated to 1.7.3, 05-feb-11 -- techtonik
  • Updated to 1.6.4 to prepare for 1.7.x upgrade, 04-feb-11 -- techtonik
  • Updated to 1.6.3, 23-apr-08
  • Updated again, to 1.6.1, 11-mar-08 -- GaryOberbrunner

  • Updated this wiki to 1.5.4 to fix some bugs. 12-jul-06 -- GaryOberbrunner

  • Updated this wiki to 1.5.2, now with GUI editor! -- GaryOberbrunner

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