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Users who are trusted as editors of infrastructure pages

People on this list are allowed to edit "infrastructure" pages, like the FrontPage, which provide structure and direction to the wiki. As a side-effect of this trust, they do not have to answer textchas, those little questions that show up when you try to make a change of some kind.

To be added to this list, contact one of the people already listed, or ask on a mailing list. You will have to convince us (a) that you are a real human being and not a bot, (b) that you have contributed value to the wiki already, and (c) that you have a good password (don't reveal it! just explain why you think it's strong). It helps if you have a home page (a page with the same name as your account name) that tells us a little something about you.

Any account that's used for spamming will be ruthlessly removed from the list without warning.

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