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This is the shortest SConstruct for creating an executable

#need glob to get all the source files
import glob
import os

#create an environment that uses mingw tools
#FIXME: clobbers env['TOOLS']
env = Environment(ENV=os.environ, tools=['mingw'])

#the target will be myprogram.exe (in win32)
#the source files will be every file in the 
#current directory that matches "*.cpp"
env.Program(target='myprogram', source = glob.glob('*.cpp'))

errata: don't need the .exe in the target name

errata: don't need to Split() the glob

errata: don't forget to set the ENV argument in the call to Environment(); import os also

errata: don't set tools= in the Environment(), use Tool('mingw')(env) to avoid clobbering env['TOOLS']

The page had this code instead:

#create an environment that uses mingw tools
env = Environment(ENV=os.environ)
#Prefer MinGW over other compilers

I couldn't get this to work. As of version 2.3.0, It would pass /nologo (an MSVC flag) to g++, causing the build to fail.

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