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 * [[|Lumiera]] - professional video editor for Linux. (see [[;a=blob;f=SConstruct;h=eaf03c54e243dc5e01f4e580f13fba0f0ecbba78;hb=HEAD|Main SConstruct]] -- Lumiera also maintains an Autotools build for compatibility reasons)  * [[|Lumiera]] - professional video editor for Linux. (see [[;a=blob;f=SConstruct|SConstruct]] [[;a=blob;f=admin/scons/|]] [[;a=blob;f=admin/scons/|]] [[;a=blob;f=src/SConscript|a SConscript]])

Active open source projects which use SCons as their build system.

Less active projects, which use SCons as their build system:

Projects which previously used SCons as their build system:

  • OpenWengo (VoIP softphone) SCons was used for one and a half years, but it has now been removed in favour of CMake.

  • XMMS2 Next generation XMMS software. Has now switched to waf.

  • KDevelop (IDE for C++ and other languages) They created a proof of concept for using scons, but later switched to CMake.

  • bksys was a scons-based build system used by kde programs. In 2006 it evolved into waf, a competitor for SCons.

  • Delta3D Open source gaming and simulations engine, switched to CMake

Non Open source projects which use SCons as their build system.

On 2008-02-17, Mark Brown scanned the packages in the Debian distribution for packages that used SCons. There may be some false positives due to the nature of the scan, but he found 35 packages. Many of them don't seem to be listed above. If someone has some spare cycles, tracking down the projects missing above and adding them would be a good thing. Here's the list: abakus aqsis ardour balder2d belpic blender blockattack btanks cheesetracker codeine create-resources csstidy darcs-buildpackage dc-qt dfsbuild gaia gtkrsync hg-buildpackage hpodder jppy kstreamripper linuxdcpp lprof mixxx nsis oregano pingus pouetchess pyexiv2 rafkill skim telepathy-inspector tla-buildpackage wlassistant yafray

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