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SConsolidator provides tool integration for SCons in Eclipse for a convenient C/C++ development experience. Its main features are:

More information can be found at and its update site is available at

Eclipse SCons Builder Plug-in

The Eclipse SCons Builder plugin can be found at

This builder plugin is an addon to the Eclipse >= 3.0 C/C++ Development tools CDT >= 2.0. It was authored by Lothar Werzinger and Rafael de Pelegrini Soares. Early versions were licensed under the CPL (common public license). Later versions were licensed under the EPL (Eclipse public license).

As of January 2009, the last released version was 29 June 2007. Compatibility with CDT 4.0 and CDT 5.0 is uncertain. You can install it and then use New, Other, C++, Convert Project to SCons, and it tries to find SCons, but given the scant documentation, it's not very helpful. The best approach at the moment seems to be to run SCons as an External Tool, which worked for one editor.


Build C++ Programs With SCons in Eclipse Using SConsBuilder Plugin(MS Windows) by Tabrez Iqbal, 24 October 2007

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