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   * Writing builders, wrappers, and subclassing (don't need to change source)    * [[ToolsForFools|Writing builders]], wrappers, and subclassing (don't need to change source)
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  * Running from the source tree   * [[https://bitbucket.org/scons/scons|Running from the source tree]]

SCons Developer Guide

This is the SCons Developer Guide. Start here to learn how to contribute to SCons and understand how it works under the hood.

Other resources:

This is a work in progress. Click on the "Edit(Text)" link below, and let's start discussing what needs to go in this guide.

  • Known topic with no place to live yet: .sconsign. The architecture section is organized more-or-less in time order and this topic doesn't fit that particularly well. [JGN 19 Jan 2007]
  • I put in links for sections that I thought were pretty solid, but there are a number of areas where the topics are still flexible. Someone with more knowledge of the internals should clarify those aspects. [JGN 19 Jan 2007]

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