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SCons Source Tree Walkthrough

Here's a quick introduction to the structure of the SCons source.

When you first check out SCons from svn, the main dirs you'll see are:


the source


the documentation (man pages, guides, etc.)


test suite


the SCons web site

The src dir is the one you care about. It's organized like this:

  • engine (the guts of SCons)
    • SCons (the root of the SCons python module hierarchy)
      • *.py (the python modules)
      • * (unit tests, discovered automatically; see ../TestingMethodology)

      • Tool (Tool modules, e.g.,,
      • Scanner (Scanner modules for scanning for includes)
      • Node (the Node object, the central filesystem abstraction for building the dependency graph)
      • Script ( in here has the main loop that parses SCons options and reads the SConstruct; it's what's called from the "scons" script)
      • Sig (the MD5 signature subsystem)
  • script (the "scons" script)

Some key files in src/SCons:

  • lots of good stuff in here.
  • Node/ File() and Dir() nodes are defined here.

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