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= Prepare a patch for review =

Practice of code reviews is mandatory for many software projects that strive for quality. As SCons developers we are also interested to make and use quality releases. So when you, as a SCons developer, are about to submit changes to the SVN repository, please send it for review.

To make review process convenient we use open source service hosted at http://codereview.appspot.com/. To create a code review issue for the patch there, use `review.py` script available at the top of the trunk (will be moved to bin/ one day).

To send uncommitted modifications for review, execute:
It will grab the diff from SVN, create the review issue on
http://codereview.appspot.com and send a notification to

To update an already created `review issue` (not to be confused with `bug tracker issue`) with a new diff add the -i parameter with
the issue number:
review.py -i XXXX

The upload script knows a lot of other helpful options (try "--help"), e.g. you can edit a text file describing your patch and then call
review.py -f description.txt
This sets the "Description" field of your appspot issue accordingly, and the message appears in the mail to the Tigris dev list.

'''Note:''' You will need to add email that you use to login to codereview site
to dev list as an approved poster, since reviews get CCed to the dev list and appear to
come from whoever you're logged into appspot as.

For this, go to scons.tigris.org, log in, click My pages (top left), My profile
(just below that). Then add a Secondary email address (or more). Solve
the annoying captcha and "submit changes."