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My goal was to convert the Gambit system to build with SCons instead of the configure/make dance. The main reason for walking down this path is that the autotools system handles cross-compiling very poorly, and I eventually want to port Gambit to an embedded system.

My main problem: the SCons documentation is weak. It's more of a reference manual than a user manual. It needs lots more full examples that aren't hugely complicated. That's why I actually took the time to write this page. Since I don't know SCons that well, I can't fix the main documentation to make it better. However, I can provide an example for other new people to follow as well as some of my thinking and issues.

The lack of discoverability in SCons is a real issue. SCons probably does *what* you want; figuring out *how* to get SCons to do it is an adventure. Don't waste a lot of time diving into the SCons code; it has been abstracted enough that the multiple layers of indirection make it too opaque. Search the mailing list, first. Then, ask the mailing list if you are still stumped.

Things that I found surprising. Bear in mind that these are likely to be failures of understanding, not failures of SCons:

The Files (Discussion included on the page itself):

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