SCons :: Node :: NodeInfoBase :: Class NodeInfoBase
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Class NodeInfoBase

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object --+
Known Subclasses:

The generic base class for signature information for a Node.

Node subclasses should subclass NodeInfoBase to provide their own logic for dealing with their own Node-specific signature information.

Instance Methods [hide private]
Return all fields that shall be pickled. Walk the slots in the class hierarchy and add those to the state dictionary. If a '__dict__' slot is available, copy all entries to the dictionary. Also include the version id, which is fixed for all instances of a class.
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__setstate__(self, state)
Restore the attributes from a pickled state. The version is discarded.
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convert(self, node, val) source code
format(self, field_list=None, names=0) source code
merge(self, other)
Merge the fields of another object into this object. Already existing information is overwritten by the other instance's data. WARNING: If a '__dict__' slot is added, it should be updated instead of replaced.
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update(self, node) source code

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Class Variables [hide private]
  current_version_id = 2
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