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Module Defaults

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Builders and other things for the local site. Here's where we'll duplicate the functionality of autoconf until we move it into the installation procedure or use something like qmconf.

The code that reads the registry to find MSVC components was borrowed from distutils.msvccompiler.

Classes [hide private]
This is a callable class that can be used in place of other command generators if you don't want them to do anything.
A class for finding a construction variable on the stack and calling one of its methods.
Functions [hide private]
_fetch_DefaultEnvironment(*args, **kw)
Returns the already-created default construction environment.
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DefaultEnvironment(*args, **kw)
Initial public entry point for creating the default construction Environment.
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StaticObjectEmitter(target, source, env) source code
SharedObjectEmitter(target, source, env) source code
SharedFlagChecker(source, target, env) source code
get_paths_str(dest) source code
chmod_func(dest, mode) source code
chmod_strfunc(dest, mode) source code
copy_func(dest, src, symlinks=True)
If symlinks (is true), then a symbolic link will be shallow copied and recreated as a symbolic link; otherwise, copying a symbolic link will be equivalent to copying the symbolic link's final target regardless of symbolic link depth.
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delete_func(dest, must_exist=0) source code
delete_strfunc(dest, must_exist=0) source code
mkdir_func(dest) source code
move_func(dest, src) source code
touch_func(dest) source code
_concat(prefix, list, suffix, env, f=<function <lambda> at 0x7f9a11daa6e0>, target=None, source=None)
Creates a new list from 'list' by first interpolating each element in the list using the 'env' dictionary and then calling f on the list, and finally calling _concat_ixes to concatenate 'prefix' and 'suffix' onto each element of the list.
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_concat_ixes(prefix, list, suffix, env)
Creates a new list from 'list' by concatenating the 'prefix' and 'suffix' arguments onto each element of the list. A trailing space on 'prefix' or leading space on 'suffix' will cause them to be put into separate list elements rather than being concatenated.
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_stripixes(prefix, itms, suffix, stripprefixes, stripsuffixes, env, c=None)
This is a wrapper around _concat()/_concat_ixes() that checks for the existence of prefixes or suffixes on list items and strips them where it finds them. This is used by tools (like the GNU linker) that need to turn something like 'libfoo.a' into '-lfoo'.
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process defines, resolving strings, lists, dictionaries, into a list of strings
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_defines(prefix, defs, suffix, env, c=<function _concat_ixes at 0x7f9a11daa7d0>)
A wrapper around _concat_ixes that turns a list or string into a list of C preprocessor command-line definitions.
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__libversionflags(env, version_var, flags_var) source code
Variables [hide private]
  __revision__ = 'src/engine/SCons/ 74b2c53bc42290e91...
  _default_env = None
  SharedCheck = SCons.Action.Action(SharedFlagChecker, None)
  CScan = SCons.Defaults.CScan
  DScan = SCons.Tool.DScanner
  LaTeXScan = SCons.Tool.LaTeXScanner
  ObjSourceScan = SCons.Tool.SourceFileScanner
  ProgScan = SCons.Tool.ProgramScanner
  DirScanner = SCons.Defaults.DirScanner
  DirEntryScanner = SCons.Scanner.Dir.DirEntryScanner()
  CAction = SCons.Action.Action("$CCCOM", "$CCCOMSTR")
  ShCAction = SCons.Action.Action("$SHCCCOM", "$SHCCCOMSTR")
  CXXAction = SCons.Action.Action("$CXXCOM", "$CXXCOMSTR")
  ShCXXAction = SCons.Action.Action("$SHCXXCOM", "$SHCXXCOMSTR")
  DAction = SCons.Action.Action("$DCOM", "$DCOMSTR")
  ShDAction = SCons.Action.Action("$SHDCOM", "$SHDCOMSTR")
  ASAction = SCons.Action.Action("$ASCOM", "$ASCOMSTR")
  ASPPAction = SCons.Action.Action("$ASPPCOM", "$ASPPCOMSTR")
  LinkAction = SCons.Action.Action("$LINKCOM", "$LINKCOMSTR")
  ShLinkAction = SCons.Action.Action("$SHLINKCOM", "$SHLINKCOMSTR")
  LdModuleLinkAction = SCons.Action.Action("$LDMODULECOM", "$LDM...
  permission_dic = {'g': {'r': 32, 'w': 16, 'x': 8}, 'o': {'r': ...
  Chmod = SCons.Defaults.Chmod
  Copy = SCons.Defaults.Copy
  Delete = SCons.Defaults.Delete
  Mkdir = SCons.Defaults.Mkdir
  Move = SCons.Defaults.Move
  Touch = SCons.Defaults.Touch
  ConstructionEnvironment = {'BUILDERS': {}, 'CONFIGUREDIR': '#/...
  __package__ = 'SCons'
Function Details [hide private]

DefaultEnvironment(*args, **kw)

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Initial public entry point for creating the default construction Environment.

After creating the environment, we overwrite our name (DefaultEnvironment) with the _fetch_DefaultEnvironment() function, which more efficiently returns the initialized default construction environment without checking for its existence.

(This function still exists with its _default_check because someone else (cough Script/ cough) may keep a reference to this function. So we can't use the fully functional idiom of having the name originally be a something that only creates the construction environment and then overwrites the name.)

Variables Details [hide private]


'src/engine/SCons/ 74b2c53bc42290e911b334a6b44f187da698a668\
 2017/11/14 13:16:53 bdbaddog'




{'g': {'r': 32, 'w': 16, 'x': 8},
 'o': {'r': 4, 'w': 2, 'x': 1},
 'u': {'r': 256, 'w': 128, 'x': 64}}


{'BUILDERS': {},
 'CONFIGUREDIR': '#/.sconf_temp',
 'CONFIGURELOG': '#/config.log',
 'CPPSUFFIXES': ['.c',