Package SCons :: Package compat :: Module _scons_optparse :: Class OptionContainer
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Class OptionContainer

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Known Subclasses:

Abstract base class.

Class attributes:
standard_option_list : [Option]
list of standard options that will be accepted by all instances of this parser class (intended to be overridden by subclasses).
Instance attributes:
option_list : [Option]
the list of Option objects contained by this OptionContainer
_short_opt : { string : Option }
dictionary mapping short option strings, eg. "-f" or "-X", to the Option instances that implement them. If an Option has multiple short option strings, it will appears in this dictionary multiple times. [1]
_long_opt : { string : Option }
dictionary mapping long option strings, eg. "--file" or "--exclude", to the Option instances that implement them. Again, a given Option can occur multiple times in this dictionary. [1]
defaults : { string : any }
dictionary mapping option destination names to default values for each destination [1]
[1] These mappings are common to (shared by) all components of the
controlling OptionParser, where they are initially created.
Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, option_class, conflict_handler, description) source code
_create_option_mappings(self) source code
_share_option_mappings(self, parser) source code
set_conflict_handler(self, handler) source code
set_description(self, description) source code
get_description(self) source code
see OptionParser.destroy().
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_check_conflict(self, option) source code
add_option(opt_str, ..., kwarg=val, ...)
source code
add_options(self, option_list) source code
get_option(self, opt_str) source code
has_option(self, opt_str) source code
remove_option(self, opt_str) source code
format_option_help(self, formatter) source code
format_description(self, formatter) source code
format_help(self, formatter) source code